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Pillow talk? reach out via online chat, email or phone 01752 345678 (Mon-Fri 08:45-16:45)
Pillow talk? reach out via online chat, email or phone 01752 345678 (Mon-Fri 08:45-16:45)

Good posture with Back Support

Good posture with Back Support

Do you suffer from back pain? Posture is a particularly important factor when it comes to keeping a healthy back. Good posture is particularly important for those who sit at an office chair for many hours of the day. Our back supports are designed to promote good posture and we have perfected them over our 34 years of experience helping to prevent back pain.

Overtime poor posture and lack of a good back support will cause strain on the muscles of the back which can lead to problems with nerves and blocked blood vessels which can cause anatomical changes.

For those who work in an office we recommend regular breaks from the chair and to do light stretching every two hours. Posture is all about keeping the alignment of the spine, keeping all parts balanced and supported is the key to a health back.  

Back problems do not just occur from poor posture whilst sitting, other examples include:

Poor lifting technique

Slumped Shoulders

Sleeping posture and alignment

Carrying heavy bag on one size



Back pain can be down to many contributing factors but it is important to isolate the areas that cause back pain. In order to maintain annealed support structure frequent changes in position and even weight distribution are very important. Walking for 5 or 10 minutes during breaks and lunch can be a great help.

Putnams offer many posture friendly props and ergonomic products to stop the strain from building up and keeping the load off the spine. Some of our back supports are a brilliant way to help with back pain. Other options include memory foam pillows to support the neck, wedges, lumbar belts, positioning sleeping aids and memory foam mattresses.

Our top selling office back support can be found here:

Office Back Support

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