Introducing Our new Coolmax Covers

Coolmax is the original performance fabric that has been helping top athletes for many years. It has now been discovered for its properties when used on mattresses. It has proven moisture management benefits that can be found in our new range of covers.

Coolmax fabric is designed to provide not only superior moisture management, but also enhance overall comfort.

It delivers performance and comfort through the use of proprietary polyester fibre with unique engineered micro channel cross sections and specially designed two sided, denier graded fabrics made using qualifiable polyester or nylon yarns.

The specially engineered fibre that the Coolmax fabric provides enhance breathability (called air permeability) that differentiates Coolmax from generic polyester fibres. Air permeability is just one of the key performance tests that fabrics must pass before they can be sold under the Coolmax brand. All the benefits of the Coolmax fabrics are built right into the fibres so it requires no chemical treatments like other wicking fabrics.

Besides its positive effect on maintaining body core temperature, Coolmax fabric is fast drying, breathable and resists fading, shrinking and wrinkling.

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Introducing Our new Coolmax Covers

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Introducing Our new Coolmax Covers

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Introducing Our new Coolmax Covers

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