Putnams are going crazy for the Paralympics!

Putnams are going crazy for the Paralympics!

Finally the Paralympics Ceremony is here! Make sure that you make yourself available tonight as channel 4’s coverage of the Olympics starts tonight. We are hoping that the British athletes not just emulate the success of the London Olympians but to out do them. This seems likely as many of our top athletes have been on unprecedented form since we finished second in the Paralympics medals table in Beijing, behind China and even beating the United States.

The sporting action propels us into the spot light as the manufacturer of the highest quality mobility products such as our Sero Pressure cushions which are our number one comfort cushion. The back supports that we offer are of a gold medal standard, promoting good posture making sure you will be seated comfortably for the Paralympics.

Try one of our memory foam cushions that have a huge saving of over £20.00 for the Paralympics

Memory Foam Cushion

Athletes are not the only ones who will be using special materials for sports like running and swimming this Olympics, Putnams uses Coolmax technology material on its Memory foam pillows and reflex foam pillows that means that you stay cool during your nights sleep for ultimate bed relaxation and comfort.

Remember we are a golden standard for posture, back care and sleeping care so use us for world class comfort.

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Putnams are going crazy for the Paralympics!

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Putnams are going crazy for the Paralympics!

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Putnams are going crazy for the Paralympics!

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