Memory Foam at Putnams

At Putnams we have a wealth of experience with manufacturing and supplying the highest possible standard of memory foam products from our UK factory. We want to provide the best possible comfort to our customers and our memory foam products are a great way to help with neck and back pain.

Memory Foam Pillow

We are probably most famous for our memory foam pillows that are recommended by many medical professionals throughout the UK. The moulded shape we use has more shaped design features than any other pillow that we know of and that is why it offers a superior level of comfort and many of our customers will never change pillow provider once using Putnams. The Putnams memory foam pillow can be found at the link bellow:

Memory Foam Pillow 


Memory Foam Back Support

The memory foam back support that is known as the Putnams Superest can be found on Mr Putnams chair and is a very popular product for the resellers of our products. Its ergonomic shape means that this back support will promote good posture particularly to the lumbar region, it can be used almost anywhere but is great for use in the office or whilst driving in the car. The superset has a 2 year guaranty and we are so confident in the product that we offer a 14 day money back trial. To help you back pain now visit the link below:

Memory Foam Back Support 


 Memory Foam Knee Support

This memory foam knee pillow is great for those who suffer from hip and knee pain whilst sleeping, this knee support is designed to promote good posture whilst sleeping and is great for both medical and general comfort purposes. It comes highly recommended by many of the Independent Living Centres throughout the country and is in the top ten best selling products on our website. Buy yours today and visit:

Memory Foam Knee Pillow


Memory Foam Kneeling Chair

This product is very unique and that is especially the case when you consider that we also offer a coccyx memory foam version of the chair. The Putnams posture kneeling chair is in a league of its own and is designed to promote good spinal alignment and to make you sit up in your chair. It is a great product for use in the office but as with every chair we recommended that you get up and have regular breaks from the chair. The posture chair is also available in reflex foam but for that added luxury visit:

Memory Foam Posture Chair 

If you would like any additional information on any of our products please call one of friendly sales team and we will be happy to help you.

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