Putnams - Best Memory Foam Pillow

Putnams isn’t usually one to brag but we believe that the products we manufacture will bring you the best night’s sleep you will ever have. As one of the first companies to bring out a Memory Foam Pillow we have a great wealth of knowledge about what works for our customers and what shapes and densities will bring comfort and long lasting performance.

Although there are many different types of memory foam pillows very few companies offer pillows that are injection moulded. We use the ultra high quality memory foam and the way the pillows are made mean that they have a superior shape and design to most contoured pillows. Design features such as a shoulder recess, ventilation channels, ear pressure relief and the rounded neck inlet are not featured in almost all other pillows making us number one for design features that bring you ultimate quality of sleep.

The pillow is designed to optimise support to the neck and head whilst promoting correct spine alignment for sleeping on either your back or your side. Not only do we offer you the Best Memory Foam Pillows, we offer a choice of different covers: the cotton jersey, the Coolmax® and the super soft velour.

The Coolmax® is particularly popular as the properties of the material mean that not only is it excellent for moisture management but is also keeps you cool. The Super Soft Velour gives our pillows an added feel of quality and as its name suggests provides an extra soft feel. The cotton jersey is the original cover and is still a very popular option.

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Putnams - Best Memory Foam Pillow

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Putnams - Best Memory Foam Pillow

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Putnams - Best Memory Foam Pillow

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