Knee Pillow

Read about our number one Knee Pillow and all its benefits.

We offer one of the most highly recommended knee support products available, we have achieved this by putting superior quality and care into our products and focusing on our customer needs. Many people have a great deal of knee discomfort whilst sleeping at night, particularly those who sleep on their side - Putnams have the ultimate solution to this very common problem.

Our knee pillow is designed to reduce the pressure put on the knee by redistribution and by keeping the legs further apart. We have also designed the product to help with hip alignment and general posture and comfort in bed. We offer the support product as a Putnam standard in our ultra high quality reflex foam for long lasting support, we were also one of the first manufacturers to introduce a memory foam version for added luxury whilst sleeping.

The fixing strap is superior to the majority of other similar products as a result of testing, a policy of continuous improvement and manufacturing the product for well over 10 years. Our attention to detail means that we have upheld our well-established brand name for over 30 years.

This product is a great gift to anyone suffering knee discomfort and is very popular with users during maternity. Click here to buy our Knee Pillow today.

If you are interested in selling our Memory Foam Knee Pillow (Top selling knee pillow on Amazon) then please contact us at

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Knee Pillow

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Knee Pillow

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Knee Pillow

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