Recommendation for Putnam Seating Wedge

We often receive great compliments from various medical professionals and centres that use our products to perform assessments. We have recently had contact from an Occupational Therapist from the Queen Elizabeth Foundation for Disabled People who has emailed us to let us know what a great benefit our 8 and 11 degree Wedge's are.

QEF Mobility Services is a leading charity that carries out specialist driving assessments for individuals with disabilities. Assessors often meet individuals who require additional seating systems, such as wedge cushions and lumbar aids, to help support seating. It is paramount to maintain an excellent posture whilst driving, to aid comfort, reduce pain and support seating positions. This will optimise function and allows the individual to concentrate on other aspects of the road, whilst driving. QEF therapists’ have told us that they frequently use Putnams cushions during their assessments and have found them to be invaluable:

Below is a quote from Samantha, one of the OT’s:

‘QEF Mobility Services assessors have been using Putnams Wedge Cushions for many years to help support seating and posture whilst driving. The cushions provide excellent support and comfort, especially for individuals with back problems or physical limitations. Thanks to the support from Putnams, we now have two new cushions available to help clients benefit from improved posture, to ease driving.’

The QEF Mobility Services not only use Putnams seating supports in cars, but the assessors also use them in their new ‘Try b4 u Fly’ assessment. This is a service that provides the unique opportunity to try specially designed aeroplane support seating for children and young people with disabilities. For more information about QEF Mobility Services and the assessments they offer, please contact: 0208 770 1151 or visit their website.

The 8 Degree Wedge and the 11 Degree Wedge can be found within the seating section of our website.

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