Putnams product display stand

As manufacturers we want to help our trade customers in anyway that we can. We are aware that many shops are often lacking shelf space to demonstrate their range, we offer help to those who are selling our products in the form of our product display stand. Our display stands (photo right) are great for either one sort of product such as pillows or if you want to display the whole range. If you are current, old or new customer and are/want to sell our products then get in touch with us (info@putnams.co.uk) and we will send these out free of charge.

The display stand is light and is easy to assemble, it will bring colour and great lifestyle images to any space. We also offer many other types of free promotional aids such as our catalogues that you can apply your own address labels. We also offer some great posters including our Putnams correct posture guide.

New/existing trade customers:

Contact us today with any questions and our helpful friendly staff will always go the extra mile to help you with any questions or problems you might have.

Ecommerce Websites:

If you sell your products online then make sure you stay up to date with our latest photos and request a CD to be sent out. You can view our website for photos and request any that you might be missing.

Own Branding/ New Products

Remember Putnams is built on quality and the flexibility to meet our customer’s needs. If you want to start selling our products but under your own brand name then send an email to hedley@putnams.co.uk and we will help you with your needs. As manufacturers we can make almost anything based on foam with our high tech profiling machinery and skilled design team, so get in contact if you want us to start manufacturing products on your behalf or you want us to quote for something another company is making for you.  

Price Match

We don’t promise that we can price match everything because most of the products out their don’t compare to the Putnam standard and wont bring long lasting comfort but we can normally match most prices from other suppliers. There is no harm in getting a second price so phone or email us today on 01752 345678 / info@putnams.co.uk and we will get back to you straight away.  

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Putnams product display stand

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Putnams product display stand

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Putnams product display stand

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