Bad Backs Are Bad For Business.

It may come as a surprise that Back Pain and Musculoskeletal problems are the second and third biggest causes of long term sickness absence in the UK, these results were found by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). At Putnam’s we take pride in the quality and service we give to both our trade and retail customers. We have been offering superior back and comfort solutions for well over 30 years.

We have a wide range of products that can help with your comfort, posture and the health of your back. We have selected below four popular products, each one targets a different area of the back including the coccyx, lumbar, upper back and neck as well as the kneeling chair targeting all these regions.

The Memory foam Coccyx Wedge has an 11 degree angle which is set to help promote good posture whilst sitting. It also has the benefit of the coccyx cut out which helps to relieve pressure at the base of the spine. It is supported by a high quality orthopaedic foam base for stability and comfort.

We have a wide range of lumbar supports available, most of them can be used in the office, at home or for travelling purposes. They are designed to improve the comfort of the chair you are sitting in by offering support and helping to main good posture and correct spinal alignment.

The Putnam Memory Foam Pillow is well known for its comfort and the support that it can offer its user to help with stiff neck, shoulder and back problems. We offer it in both our Orthopaedic and Memory Foam versions in various sizes depending on the level of support you require and how broad you are. The moulded shape of the pillow has far more design features than just about all the other pillows on the market. It's features include a curved recess for the shoulders, an ear inlet for side sleeping and a rounded soft neck support.

Our Kneeling Chair is made from high quality Putnam Foam with our classic British finish for long lasting support and comfort. People are always surprised just how much the chair makes you sit up straight, it is quickly becoming one of our most successful products, we often receive great feedback about it. As with all chairs we recommend you  take regular breaks from your chair to get up, stretch and move around. The chair is available in both a coccyx version and a memory foam version.


To become a stockist and start selling our products with trade prices please contact us via email: or via phone on 01752 345678.

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Bad Backs Are Bad For Business.

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Bad Backs Are Bad For Business.

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Bad Backs Are Bad For Business.

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