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Pain in lower back

Back pain is most common in the lower back it can be caused by lifting incorrectly, bad posture whilst sitting or standing and bending awkwardly.

A number of our products target these problems by helping align your spine. Products including; thePutnam Coccyx Memory Foam Wedge, Putnams Super-rest Back Support and the Putnams Memory Foam Posture Chair, ideal for home and office use.

Lower back exercise works wonders for some people, however if you have had back pain for more than 6 weeks you should consult a GP before carrying out these lower back pain exercies. Wall slides, bottom lifts and leg raises are excellent exercies to do at home to both prevent and relieve lower back pain. If you can Yoga and Pilates are also great for lower back pain as both practises have been shown to help relieve lower back pain. For videos of some simple exercises look atyoutube.

Keeping active is another form of treatment, walking and carrying out day to day tasks is a great method to recovery encouraged by the NHS. Hot and cold compression packs are also very effective at relieving pain. 

Keeping positive has also shown to increase healing time with positive people healing faster than negative people. Will yourself better! 

Most cases of back pain get better on there own, however if yours persists and you are in lots of pain you should consult your GP.

For more on how to prevent back pain Click Here.


Article written by Hedley Putnam

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Pain in lower back

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Pain in lower back

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Pain in lower back

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