Sleep wars – Men Vs Women & the Best Sleep Apps

Recent survey of men and womens sleeping habits and opinions on their sleep has revealed that men claim to get less sleep than women, but also need less time in bed.

The survey showed that men were getting 6 hours 3 minutes sleep on average compared with 6 hours 40 they believed they should get.

Women averaged 6 hours and 21 minutes each night but wanted 7 hours 23 minutes.

Leaving men with a deficit of 40 minutes sleep a night and women with 1hour and 2 minutes. Meaning that over the course of a year women have a shortfall of 10 days and 3 hours.

These figures are taken from a survey on the iCukoo app. An App that lets users donate to a charity of their choice (Cancer reseach UK, Parkinsons research etc.) whenever they hit the snooze button on their alarm. Leading to a slightly less guilt riddled snooze.

Fewer than half of Britons actually wake up to an alarm clock or phone alarm. A suprising 20% of Britons wake naturally, the remainder are awakened by partners pets and children.

More men are woken by their partners.

Twice as many women are woken by children.

Snoring of a partner kept 10% awake and another 7% woke themselves due to their own snoring or breathing conditions such as sleep apnoea.

More women suffer sleepless nights due to a snoring partner than men (15.5% and 6% respectively).

25% said that needing the toilet was the thing that got them up.

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Why is all of this important?

Earlier this year a study found that just one week of poor sleep lead to the disruption of hundreds of genes linked to stress, immunity and inflammation. For more information why sleep is so important check out our other sleep related articles including:

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Other Useful sleep apps:

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock – tracks sleep so you can see how deep your sleep is at varying parts of the night (graphs), can also set alarms to wake you when you are in your lightest sleep (simply place phone under sheet at the corner of your bed). PAID APP

Deep sleep with Andrew Johnson – Johnson’s voice calms and relaxes leaving you with a clear mind as your drift off to sleep. PAID APP

Relax & Sleep by Glenn Harrold – Glenn Harrold narrates journey to inner peace. This app will have you falling asleep in no time. FREE APP

Sleepmaker Rain – The soothing sound of rain to help you drift off. Choose from a gentle shower to a full blown thunder storm, pick the soundtrack you respond to most. FREE APP

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Sleep wars – Men Vs Women & the Best Sleep Apps

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Sleep wars – Men Vs Women & the Best Sleep Apps

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Sleep wars – Men Vs Women & the Best Sleep Apps

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