What to look for in the perfect pillow

You put considerable amount of thought into purchasing a bed, does it also not make sense to put some thought into your pillow choice?  The diversity of size, material, comfort and cost means there’s a lot to consider – and it’s not always an easy decision!

But here at Putnams we wanted to simplify this process for you.

While comfort plays a large role in your pillow selection there is more to consider, namely the support and alignment of your neck and spine.

There are a few ways to judge how supportive a pillow is.

-          When you lie down in your normal sleeping position the pillow should fill the gap between your head and your shoulders.

When sleeping your spine should remain straight and your neck should be supported. There is an incorrect assumption that a pillow is to support the head, this is wrong, it’s to keep the spine aligned and promote good posture and so reduce sleep injury’s such as pinched nerves, a kink in your neck or numb fingers.

For side sleepers:

If you’re lying on your side your spine should be close to horizontal, your head shouldn’t dip down or be propped up too much. We understand that people are different sizes and so have different sized pillows so that you can find the right fit for you.

As well as being supportive our Putnam pillow also has a groove for your shoulder and an ear recess for side sleepers to reduce pressure on this sensitive area as well as having contoured lines for ventilation to take heat away from the head.

For people who sleep on their back:

Our Putnam pillow is also ideal for people who sleep on their back, as the leading edge of the pillow is tilted and softly rounded for neck support. It is important if you’re picking a pillow for sleeping on your back that your ear and shoulder should be in line, not in front or behind, again as our pillows come at different thickness’ you can find the ideal pillow for your size.

For people who sleep on your front:

This is not advised by chiropractors, however if this is you it is recommended to only use a very thin pillow. Our solution to this common problem is the Face pillow, its thin and convex shape allow you to breathe easily on either side whilst the deep air channels help to keep your head cool.

After all you wouldn’t want to spend all day slouching, so why would you want to encourage bad posture in your sleep.

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What to look for in the perfect pillow

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What to look for in the perfect pillow

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What to look for in the perfect pillow

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