New Year, new you

You spend one third of your life doing it and over a lifetime you will spend 227,468 hours tucked up in it.

Of course I am talking about your sleep and your bed. Many people overlook the importance of a good mattress and pillow in effecting how well you sleep but this is a fatal mistake to make.

In a 2011 poll, the National Sleep Foundation found that 92 percent of people say a comfortable mattress is important to a good night's sleep.

About nine in ten rated that having a comfortable mattress (92%) and/or comfortable pillows (91%) are important in getting a good night’s sleep… About seven in ten rated pillows (70%) … as having a big impact on their ability to get a good night’s sleep in the past two weeks.

When asked about how elements of the bedroom contribute to creating a romantic environment, respondents rated a comfortable mattress (78%)… as important.”

Buying a new mattress can dramatically reduce your stress levels, a study in 2009 found that a new, medium-firm mattress reduces stress levels based on factors such as worrying, racing thoughts, nervousness, irritability, headaches, trembling and more. The new mattresses resulted in “a significant decrease in stress”.

Our mattress toppers are a great and in expensive solution to the problem of buying a new mattress.

Our staff favourite is the ripple mattress topper, its unique egg box design evenly distributes pressure over the surface of your body reducing pressure point and leading to a better night’s sleep.

Alternatively you could choose to go with the Putnams Memory Foams Mattress Topper, originally designed by NASA our memory foam is top quality, British made and incorporates space age technology. Simply place the mattress topper onto an existing mattress to instantly transform it. Memory foam is ideal for pressure distribution. (Use with sheet on top as you would a normal mattress.)

So What are you waiting for? Change your life (a third of it) now!

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New Year, new you

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New Year, new you

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New Year, new you

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