How many hours sleep do the successful get?

What does your sleep reveal about you? Collective data on the sleeping habits of the world’s most successful people shows that less is more. 

Winston Churchill got by on 4 hours meaning those few precious hours must be optimised.

However we aren’t sure everyone should follow this advice, 7 – 9 hours is the healthiest amount of sleep; as stated by the National Sleep Foundation. Maintaining these longer sleeping times has been shown to reduce Alzheimer’s, obesity, bloody pressure, cholesterol and ageing, whilst boosting memory and learning.

It has been shown that investing time into long nights during the middle section of your life really pays off later in life with regards to memory loss and mental functioning.

The average person spends one third of their lives in bed. Investing in a good mattress, high thread count sheets and a good quality pillow can make a world of difference to how you feel while you are awake.

Our top picks for the bedroom include:

High quality cotton sheets with loose pyjamas; the temperature of the body during sleep effects how well you sleep. Your body needs to be able to cool down during sleep but remain stable. Keep your room on the cooler side of things to see this pay off.

A good quality orthopaedic pillow that will not only help you drift off but stave off back and neck pain. All of our pillows are available with Coolmax covers which help remove heat from your head and keep you cooler during sleep as well as this the Putnam Pillow andFace Pillow have contours to help increase air flow around your face, head and neck.

Our best-selling Ripple Mattress Topper transforms any mattress instantly into a dreamy escape you welcome at night and won’t want to leave in the morning. Over 2” of high density orthopaedic grade foam transform your bed at the fraction of the price of a new mattress. This is truly the Staff favourite.  

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How many hours sleep do the successful get?

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How many hours sleep do the successful get?

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How many hours sleep do the successful get?

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