Coccydynia (tailbone) pain relief with coccyx cut outs

Back pain affects 8 out of 10 people (80%) at some point during their lives. We aim to inform, prevent or reverse back pain naturally by improving everyday comfort.
Coccydynia (tailbone pain) is pain at the base of the spine in the coccyx region. Coccydynia is more common in women than men due to childbirth. Pain at the base of the spine can make day to day actions very painful to carry out, such as sitting, bending, driving and lifting.
It is a common misconception that a softer support cushion will reduce pain to the coccyx region, sitting on a softer surface placed more weight onto the coccyx instead of the hard bones below your pelvis.
We believe it is best to remove pressure to that region all together; hence the coccyx cut out featured in many of our products.
If you also suffer from poor posture we have included a wedge in our coccyx range. Wedges are ideal for actively improving your posture. The angle of the wedge helps tilt your pelvis forward and in doing so improves the alignment of your spine, over time this will remove back and neck pain and improve your posture.
As well as a wedge and a pressure relief cushion our posture chairs can come with an optional coccyx cut out. Reduce pressure to your coccyx at work or at home. Our posture chair won Best chair tested in a whiich magazine review beating of competition from our Scandinavian rivals.


  • Dawn

    I’ve tried so many cushions for my wheelchair but I’m in agony. My tailbone is so sore, I’m sliding forward, everything is sore, I’ve ms just want to be comfortable, I need pressure relief, any suggestions please, nothing expensive.

  • Asha

    Hello, I have a sero pressure relief cushion and I need to buy one for office use. This time I want to buy the wedge coccyx cut out. How do I choose from the 3 different angle of the wedges available?

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