How to power nap

how to hack power nap efficiently how long

How can you hack your nap to get the most out of it.

As with most things there is an art to perfecting the "power nap". At Putnams we are all about sleep. We unfortunately don't let our staff nap on the job but know some tips for maximising the heck out of your power nap.

1. How long?

The ultimate power nap should last between 30 - 45 minutes. Enough time for your body to relax but not long enough for it to enter into deep sleep (which makes it harder to wake up). 

2. Coffee...

This may seem a bit odd but bear with us here... Having a cup of Coffee just before you drift off will leave you energised after your nap. The energising effects of coffee can be felt 20 minutes after you drink it, just in time for you to wake up and blast through your afternoon paper-work. 

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3. Find it hard to drift off? 

No problem. It doesn't matter if you cant fully enter a sleep state as long as you get to that in-betweeny sleep / doze state you will still feel the benefits.

4. Siesta

The best time for a power nap is in the afternoon after all that is what siesta stands for...

5. Where?

Find a quiet, dark room, beds are in short supply at most work places (excluding Putnam HQ) resting your head on a high desk can be a less comfortable alternative. Don't forget we do our best selling Putnam Pillow in a smaller travel size, we also sell inflatable travel pillows (perfect for your desk draw).

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6. Remember

Remember to set an alarm and to put your phone onto aeroplane mode. If you don't set an alarm expect to be locked into the office over night.

7. When the alarm does go off...

Get up straight away resist the temptation to fall back to sleep. Get your heart rate up by doing some jumping-jacks and jogging on the spot, expose your eyes to some bright sunlight (if at all possible in Britain). Alternatively / additionally splash your face with some cold water (waterproof mascara ladies?!?).

Some products to help you nap at work:

Inflatable Breast Feeding Cushion (Pink or Blue): Believe it or not we recommend our inflatable baby feeding cushion for napping on your desk, the inflatable nature means its east to stow. It gives good height when bending over a desk to snooze. It also has a flap middle section making turning your head during sleep a doddle. 


Putnam Travel Pillow:

If you are a fan of our Putnam Pillow then this is the one for you. A mini (travel) Putnam Pillow retains all the classic features that make the Putnam pillow such a dream but without the size.


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How to power nap - How long should you nap?

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How to power nap - How long should you nap?

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How to power nap - How long should you nap?

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