New! Wider 36" (90cm) Bed Wedge From Putnams

wider bed wedge 36" 92cm wide acid reflux GERD GORD

Due to popular demand we will now be stocking a 36" / 90cm width version of our very popular and OPA  (Oesophageal Patients Association) approved and recommended bed wedge. 

The original version will still be available for purchase (24" width). Both width will also be available in Memory Foam or the standard foam versions. 

Our bed wedges are very helpful in reducing Acid Reflux/ GERD / GORD discomfort when lying down as they stop acid seeping to the gullet during sleep.

We are also very proud of our relationship with the OPA, a charity dedicated to Oesophageal, Gastric Cancer and related conditions. 

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bed wedge wider 36" width single double large man acid reflux gerd gord wide surface fall off


bed wedge acid reflux new product wider than before tilter pillow support

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  • Does this come with a washable cover?

    Noreen on

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New! Wider 36" (90cm) Bed Wedge From Putnams

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New! Wider 36" (90cm) Bed Wedge From Putnams

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New! Wider 36" (90cm) Bed Wedge From Putnams

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