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Inclined Bed Therapy Wedge


The new Inclined bed therapy wedge has been designed to lay under your mattress creating a gentle slope raising from 1'' to 7''.

The Adult wedge is a solid piece of firm foam which therefore provides support over every inch of the mattress. The cover is fully removable and machine washable allowing easy cleaning.

IBT or Inclined Bed Therapy is a method used in America that has seen a vast amount of medical and general health improvements.

Feedback suggests...

  • Much lower incidence of snoring
  • Improved circulation
  • Better sleep quality
  • Reduced acid reflux
  • Helps reduce symptoms of vertigo
  • Improved blood circulation, and many more

Heartburn, Acid Reflux, GERD, GORD, Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) and similar medical conditions all result from acid seeping upwards during sleep when laying flat. When sleeping slightly tilted gravity helps stop this occurrence and reduces associated discomfort and sleep disruption.

Available in:

Single (190 cm x 91cm) (10.4 kg)
Small Double (190 cm x 122 cm) (13.4 kg)
Double (190 cm x 137 cm) (14.4 kg)
King (200 cm x 152 cm) (16.4 kg)
Super King (200 cm x 183 cm) (19.8 kg)

All wedges are 7'' at the head down to 1'' at the foot.

Sold with a removable (zipped), washable cotton cover.

Subject to high demand this product currently has a 1-3 day added lead time.

Sizes larger than Single will arrive in two separate pieces (two pieces of foam to be put into cover). This will not impact the performance of the product. The pieces go side by side down the length of the bed and are held together by the cover.

Pictured in Kingsize. Recommended for use with a mattress on top (as pictured).

Can be used on multiple bed bases including divan, slatted & bedstead. Not suitable for adjustable beds. Beds will need a foot-board to hold the item and mattress in place.

Please note, cover is tight to put on and may require 2 people.

**Does not include bed frame, mattress, pillows or duvet.

If you are looking at this product for medical usage it is possible for us to make it with a waterproof navy fabric, which is machine washable at 95 degrees, conforms to BS7175, Crib 5 (suitable for hospitals and nursing homes). Enquire via email or telephone ( 01752 345678) trade enquiries and NHS orders welcome.