Sleeping in the dark can help you loose weight?

Rooms are not dark enough for our metabolism to work which is contributing to an obesity epidemic.

Lights in the bedroom such as those of TV’s, tablets and mobile devices mess with your circadian rhythm (your body clock). Whilst asleep this new study claims that you need pitch black in order to produce a healthy amount of hormones to regulate your metabolism, i.e. how fast you break down your food. 

This study suggests that light from electronics, street lamps and passing cars can all effect our melatonin production. Melatonin has been previously shown to help reduce obesity and diabetes by increasing regulation of bodily processes. It is believed that sleeping in the pitch black will mirror these effects (weight loss and reduced risk of diabetes).

Constant exposure to artificial light is reducing melatonin levels and so combining with other growing problems such as sedentary lifestyles and high calorie foods to create an obese population.

So switch off those lights, invest in a good pair of black out curtains and snooze in peace knowing your body is working out while you sleep.

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