Anti Wrinkle Pillow - Do They Work? Best Pillow For Face Wrinkles?

In this blog post we will look at what causes wrinkles during sleep, where the sleep wrinkles can form, what an anti-wrinkle pillow is, do they work and which one is best for your face.

Do ordinary pillows cause wrinkles?

wrinkles caused by pillow uneven pressure creasing on face Putnams Pillow UK

It is the sleep style more than the pillow that causes wrinkles. When you are sleeping on your side you are particularly prone to creases forming in the skin which over time lead to wrinkles forming. If you sleep on one side more than the other you may notice uneven wrinkles forming on one side of the face more than the other. 

Types of wrinkles caused during sleep.

wrinkle types crows feet nasolabial folds bunny lines forehead eye neck mouth marionette Pillow Putnams UK

Types of wrinkles caused by side seeping: forehead lines, brow drop, bunny lines, frown lines, tear throughs, vertical lip lines, nasolabial folds, mental crease, mouth frown, crows feet and neck.

What is an anti wrinkle or beauty pillow?

An anti wrinkle sleep pillow is a pillow that is designed to reduce pressure on the face whilst sleeping. As mentioned above pressure on the face particularly whilst side sleeping leads to creasing of the skin which over time can lead to wrinkle formation. There are different designs for anti wrinkle pillows depending on your sleep position. Some keep you on your back (rumored to be how JLo and Khloe Kardashian sleep), others have cut out's to reduce pressure in certain problem areas while asleep.

Do anti wrinkle pillows work?

Yes, they do not reverse damage however. They can only slow the formation or deepening of new or existing wrinkles. 

What is the best pillow to prevent wrinkles?

What is the best anti wrinkle pillow UK? We have designed and made two different styles of pillows to prevent wrinkles:

Anti-Wrinkle Pillow

anti-wrinkle pillow Putnams stops creasing when side sleeping forehead nasolabial marionette lines Putnams UK

This anti-wrinkle pillow (as featured in the Telegraph) has cut-out's either side to reduce pressure. This is a great pillow for wrinkle prevention. Simply place your problem area over the cut out to reduce skin creasing during sleep.

Anti-Ageing Pillow

anti-aeging pillow back sleeping sleeper jlo wrinkles forming nasolabial folds Putnams

The Anti-ageing pillow holds you on your back, it is the best pillow for face wrinkles. The U shaped design cradles your head keeping you on your back during sleep. This is the preferred position to stop new wrinkles forming or deepening.

Putnams reviews anti wrinkle aeging pillow creases nasolabial forehead cushion UK

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