Sitting/ Posture Wedge - Your Questions Answered

Sitting/ Posture Wedge - Your Questions Answered

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What does a sitting wedge do?

A seating wedge or posture wedge (as they are sometimes known) is an angled cushion that is placed on top of a chair or car seat to angle the seating surface. They are usually made using a wedge of foam with an upholstered cover. Typically the thicker part of the seating wedge is placed at the back of the chair. You can buy wedges at varying thicknesses depending on the angle you are trying to achieve.


How does a sitting wedge work?

A posture wedge angles the users hips by bringing them up higher than they would normally be. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons. When the hips are brought up higher in relation to the knees the pelvis is rotated forward, this in turn improves posture by changing the angle of the spine in relation to the thighs. The rotation of the pelvis encourages improved posture automatically and lets the spine resume its preferred ’s’ shape.

 how does a sitting wedge work?

When do surgeons recommend a sitting wedge?

Surgeons often recommend sitting wedges post hip surgery as depending on the type of surgery, it is recommended to keep the hips above the knees, this is often not possible in typical car seats or dining chairs which are bucketed or flat respectively. A seating wedge allows an individual to bring up the height of the hips when sitting so is perfect in this application.

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How does a sitting wedge improve posture?

As mentioned above changing the angle of the hips and knees when sitting tilts the pelvis forward and naturally improves the spine to its natural ’s’ shape, imploring posture, especially when sat for long periods of time.

 seating wedge in bucket sports car

What does a sitting wedge do in the car?

Modern car seats are very bucketed. Meaning that they are very deep at the back of the seat usually coming up higher at the knees. This bucket or deep well can cause back problems, encourage slouching when holding the wheel and make getting in and out of a car more difficult, especially for those with bad backs, lower mobility and arthritic problems. A wedge seating cushion levels up the back of the car seat removing these issues and improving posture with the added benefit of making getting in and out of the car easier.


What is the best sitting wedge for a car?

A good sitting wedge for the car will be made of high density foam and come with a hard wearing cover and a long manufacturers guarantee.

Our 8 & 11 degree wedges:

Fits in all modern car seats (measuring at 36cm x 36cm).

Measure 7.6cm & 9.5cm at the back producing an 8 or 11 degree angle respectively.

Comes in a black, blue, grey or beige zipped, removable, washable cover.

Comes with a 2 year performance guarantee.

Is made in the UK from high density orthopaedic foam.

Is recommended by chiropractors. 


Depending on the angle you require the 8 degree is less steep and the 11 degree is more angled.

wedge sitting angle coccyx cut out

What does a coccyx cut-out do?

A coccyx cut-out reduces pressure on the tailbone and base of the spine. This cut-out is therefore ideal for people with coccydynia and other coccyx related problems and injury's. We offer our 8 and 11 degrees wedges with an optional coccyx cut-out. 


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