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At Putnams we have been manufacturing for over 30 years, we are extremely proud of our quality and our customer loyalty. This is why we wanted to tell you the reasons why we and many of our customers believe that we offer the Best Memory Foam Pillow. There are many different Memory foam pillows on the market and the majority of these are price driven and cut many corners on quality, particularly in the density of the foam. We use the highest quality of Memory foam which will offer a great nights sleep and lasting support long past the 2 year guarantee we offer on all our pillows.

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The pillow has many more design features than a standard pillow as it is made from a mould (making it very smooth and rounded) and not cut from ordanary foam. The photo (our largest size) indicates the additional contouring that makes the pillow so unique and comfortable. These features include:


  • Contoured ventilation
  • Ear recess for side sleeping
  • Rounded soft neck support
  • Forward tilting edge
  • Curved for shoulders


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Prices start at £53.82

We are so confident of the quality of the pillow that we offer a 14 day trial so if you do not like the product then you can send it back to us and we will offer you a full refund to the value of the product. If that’s not enough we are currently offering 20% off with coupon code MPILLOW20 for the whole of January.

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Bellow you can see some of the recent reviews that our customers have written:
 “I have tried many other pillow products and while they initially seen good they haven't worked out in the long run, the main issue being support of my neck as well as head. I sleep predominantly on my side, and despite the manufacturer's claims of keeping the spine aligned often woke with a stiff neck, and aching back.

First night with the Putmans king pillow was pure bliss, I have never slept so well for years. More importantly this has been maintained since purchase (nearly six months ago)

The only caution I would give is choose the right size carefully based on whether you usually use one or two 'normal' pillows. It may take a little time to get used to depending on how stiffened or 'locked' your neck muscles have become.

Would I recommend it? YES absolutely
Would I buy another? YES absolutely

Worth every penny”

 J. Milburn:
 “I had two cervical discs fused together following a work injury, and I was dreading trying to sleep at nights following my operation last year. I paid what I though was rather a lot at the time for this memory pillow, but it turned out to be the wisest investment I could have made. I wouldn't sleep without it now. I'm so impressed that Ive bought one for my mum and one for my wife.”
Dont delay, buy yours today!

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