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Christmas Presents For Older People

Buying for your older relatives can sometimes be a challenge. If you ask them what they would like for Christmas they will often tell you that they don’t need anything or not to get me anything. Popular options tend to be the easier options such as buying them their favourite chocolates or a tin of biscuits but this can be boring and doesn’t show much thought. See below a number of alternative ideas:

  • Games/Jigsaw puzzles
  • A planned day out with you (make them feel special and go for a fancy lunch, take them to the zoo, go to a museum or cafe).
  • Get them a craft workshop
  • DVDs of favourite TV Programs
  • Books
  • Gift cards 
  • Senior Exercise Videos – Yes this is strange but I brought my granny one last year and she loved it!
  • Comfort Products/Independent living Aids

No prizes for guessing which one of these ideas we think is best (we might be a little biased). The gift of comfort this Christmas will be warmly received by older people and many of our products will keep giving for many years. As you get older you tend to suffer from more discomfort when sitting, this can be down to a number of different reasons such as sitting for longer periods of time. We believe our comfort and pressure cushions are a great choice and offer superior comfort and value. We use high quality foam in our UK made cushions which offer support and carry a 2 year warranty.

If none of the above are any good you could always buy them socks! 

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