Gift Ideas For Older Relatives

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Finding presents for your loved ones is never an easy task. It is especially difficult finding a present to suit an older family member or loved one.

At Putnams we think the best gift you can give is comfort, and that’s what we are all about.

Here is a guide of a few products you can give this Christmas.

Give the gift of comfort.

Sero Pressure Cushion

Our best selling pressure relief cushion may look odd but boy oh boy is it a dream to sit on, ideal for home and travel it is lightweight and comes with a carrying handle sewn into the cover, making it easy to switch between chairs.

V Pillow

Support cushion with a super soft velour cover; can be used in multiple ways especially popular for propping up in chairs and in bed.

Lumbar Roll

If back pain is a problem this is the present for them. This lumbar roll sits in the small of the back, correcting posture whilst sitting. Very popular in the car and at home.  (Also see animal back support below).

Wedge Cushion

Great for help getting in and out of the car as it levels off the seat height and acts as a seat raiser. (Available in two heights and with optional coccyx cut outs).

Animal Back Support

Corrects posture like the Lumbar Roll above but with a fun twist; for those of you with eccentric family and loved ones.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Ideal for those who like to take a daytime doze or who travel often this luxury memory foam travel pillow is supportive of the head and neck when sleeping in an upright position.

Massaging Back Support

Well this is for everyone really! I personally love it on long car journeys or on the sofa binge watching TV.

Or you could just go with socks! You can never have too many odd pairing Christmas themed socks?!?spacer icon spacer icon

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Have a great festive season and don't eat too many mince pies!

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