Best natural sleep products - UK

Best natural sleep products - UK

In the UK we spend 33% of our lives in bed. The increasing links between good sleep and overall health are becoming more apparent. Isn't it time we all invested in not only our sleep but what the products that we spend most time around are made of?

Natural, organic, chemical free products are growing in popularity due to decreased off gassing, chemical composition and health benefits.

We have broken down a list of the best natural sleep products.pillow - best natural sleep products UK

1. Pillow

Graphite latex is a mix of natural plant made latex and graphite. The graphite is a natural flame retardant meaning that no chemicals are needed to be added to meet British fire standards. 

Graphite latex is also cool to touch and has built in air channels to allow increased airflow and moisture control. This leads to a cooler night sleep.

We are all built differently; find a pillow that is the right height for you. If you prefer to sleep on one standard pillow you will need a thinner pillow and if you prefer to sleep on two you will need a thicker pillow.

We recommend the all natural, fully height-adjustable graphite latex pillow. 

This pillow comes with a 100% cotton zipped cover and four inserts for tailored height adjustment. Simply remove or add the inserts to suit.

 View our full range of natural pillows here.


Air purification - best natural sleep products UK

2. Air purification

Clean air in your sleep space not only gives you peace of mind it can also reduce coughing, sneezing and snoring which interrupt sleep. Many devices are available on the market including the Philips air purifier below. They actively filter the air from viruses, bacteria, pollutants, pollen, pet dander and dust. 


 Sound - best natural sleep products UK

3. Sound

We are not talking about whale sounds here! Although if that is what gets you to sleep then by all means listen to that as you drift off. Most music streaming sites have a variety of free music that you can play while you fall asleep. Favorites include; rain (you can pick between forest, light and heavy) and waves (stormy, gentle and crashing). Make sure to find a longer track and set your phone to repeat. Don't play them too loud, it should just be background sounds but nothing that will wake you up later in the night.

mattress topper - best natural sleep products UK

4. Mattress topper

A mattress topper goes on top of any mattress. It is the layer most close to you when lying down. As with the pillow above, we recommend graphite latex. It is all natural and chemical free. The graphite actually replaces the need for fire retardant chemicals. The latex is made by plants and naturally keeps you cool while you sleep. Latex is also anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and super springy. At the end of it's life the latex is biodegrade. As well as being natural and chemical free graphite latex is super springy making it the perfect top to any bed.



scent - best natural sleep products UK

5. Scent

We have covered sound but don't forget about scent. Take a relaxing bath before bed and surround yourself with lavender. Lavenders well know sleep inducing properties will help you drift off in no time. Try a pillow spray or roller oil applicator for the wrists and pressure points. 



duvet - best natural sleep products UK

6. Duvet

A duvet not only covers you but is in close proximity to your face. An all natural duvet is best. We recommend a British wool filling. Wool is well known for its moisture resistance. It is also resistant to mould growth and anti-dust mite, making it perfect for those that suffer with allergies. Wool is also naturally fire resistant meaning no chemicals need to be added. As wool is a natural product is it also sustainable (by product) and 100% biodegrade. The wool duvet below is full of loft and premium hotel quality.




 7. Head space

Head space before bed is equally important. No bright lights immediately before sleep (including screen time). Most phones now have options to reduce blue light automatically at a certain time of day and even to dim the screens brightness automatically. Try not to look at emails or anything work related just before bed. Keep a journal or pen and paper next to your bed. If you are trying to sleep and keep having racing thoughts, pop them down on the paper to look at tomorrow. Make sure your room is cool and sleeping in the nude helps you better regulate your body temperature.


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