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Best Pregnancy Pillows To Support Side Sleeping

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With the recent news announcement earlier this month about how expectant mothers should sleep we thought we would outline the risks to anyone who is expecting.

It was announced earlier this month that pregnant women who sleep on their back are twice as likely to have a still birth child. It is advised that expectant mothers go to sleep on their sides and if they wake up in the night on their backs to again turn onto their sides. This research was found after looking at sleeping positions vs still birth rates.

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Sleep is very important for both you and your babies health and well being. Sleeping on your side may not be the most comfortable when pregnant here are our top pregnancy comfort pillows for helping you get comfortable and to stay on your side during your night sleep.

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The Body Pillow:

This is a superbly versatile product that is a whopping 48" long (just over a meter), it can be placed behind a mother during sleep along her back which stops the rolling motion onto the back. It also feels very supportive and comforting, as if someone is spooning you from behind. This product is great for its versatility, it can be used to prop you up in bed when watching T.V, go between your legs to reduce pressure and go around / under your bump / breasts for support. 


The Knee Pillow:

Perfect for keeping your knees from knocking / pressure build up when sleeping on your side, this comforting pillow straps on to one of your legs via a Velcro fasting strap and reduces knee pain. 


The Cuddle Pillow:

This uniquely shaped U pillow can again be used in a variety of ways, you can use the top of the U to support your head whilst having the arms support you on either side, one at your back, stopping you from rolling over, one at your front supporting your bodies contours including supporting your breasts and bump. As with the Body Pillow it can also be used in a variety of ways and can even be used as a support for breastfeeding your newborn on your lap.




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