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Buy Handmade Wellness Goods Made Locally In Devon

It’s never been easier to get whatever you need delivered right to your doorstep, but have you ever thought about where all of those items are coming from, and what that means for the environment?

How many people in the UK buy local goods?

More UK consumers are realising that their online shopping habits harm the environment and take resources away from their local communities. According to The Guardian, nearly two-thirds of UK consumers have chosen to purchase goods closer to home following the coronavirus pandemic. The added local spending has supported neighbourhood stores and small businesses around the country during the pandemic.

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Sharon and Brian in our Devon factory.

Here’s how Putnams is keeping it local.

Putnams is just one of the many UK-based brands working hard to serve the community and do what’s right. Since 1979, Putnams has strived to use locally sourced materials in all of the products its Devon-based team of skilled makers creates.

By using locally sourced materials and workers, we’re able to minimize our environmental impact and create jobs in the South-West of England. We even plant a tree for every product we sell.

What are the benefits of buying goods made in the UK?

Shopping at local businesses can have big benefits for your community and the environment as a whole.

Shopping at small businesses supports UK businesses and creates local jobs

Every small, local business you support helps a member of your community make a living.

made in devon, Uk sleep bed wedge pillows comfort wellness health

Vicky and Haley in our Devon factory.

According to The Guardian, for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, 63p stayed in the local economy.

What do Putnams make?

We have in-house foam cutting, pattern making, sewing, assembly and fulfilment, all in our Devon factory. We make a range of sleep, wellness, comfort and healthcare products.

Supporting British companies means local entrepreneurs have better opportunities to create innovative products and meet unique consumer demands that larger companies aren’t agile enough to do.

sleep health and comfort pillows and cushions made in devon uk

Shop our full range of products here.

How does buying local help the environment?

You’ll help reduce carbon emissions for a cleaner environment

A World Wildlife Federation report found that the UK will need to reduce emissions related to importing overseas goods by 39% to meet carbon targets by the year 2030.

Large companies need to use more product packaging and transport their goods around the world. This can have a massive impact on the environment over time with increased levels of C02 and plastic waste.

On the other hand, local businesses that utilise materials and services within their own communities produce lower levels of emissions and less waste than larger, international brands.

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Shop our full range of products here.

Consumers enjoy more personal customer service from people they know.

Larger companies may dominate the online marketplace, but they don’t always have the best tools in place to handle customer questions or concerns. If you call our phone number a human will answer and be able to assist you with picking a product or buying a new cover for your existing Putnam product.

Local businesses can take the time to listen to customer feedback and offer advice that you wouldn’t get from an online seller. Your local business owners care about the communities they live and work in, so they’re always willing to help customers get the best products and services to help out their neighbors.


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