Coccyx vs. Non Coccyx Sitting Wedges: What's the Difference?

Coccyx vs. Non Coccyx Wedges: What's the Difference?

coccyx wedge benefits cut out

When it comes to buying a sitting wedge, you may be torn between a coccyx or non-coccyx wedge. This guide will help you decide which style is best for you, by explaining the differences between them and outlining their benefits.

Coccyx wedge benefits

coccyx sitting wedge benefits

Coccyx wedges provide the user with a cut-out area at the back of the wedge, allowing for pressure relief in the tailbone area. This is beneficial to those suffering from lower back pain or sciatic nerve related issues.

Non coccyx wedge benefits

non-coccyx wedge standard flat no cut out

Non coccyx wedges are an ideal choice for most individuals. They still offer the same level of support and stability as a coccyx seated wedge but with their flat shape, they can provide gentle tilt to your pelvis which improves seating posture and raises your hips above your knees.

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How to Choose Between the Two

how to choose which wedge is right for you sitting coccyx Putnams

If you are unsure if you need a coccyx wedge or not you probably don't need one. They should be used by people with tailbone and coccyx pain. Non-coccyx wedges may be more comfortable if you don't have specific tailbone pain but still need to be sat at a slight angle.

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Alternatives to using a sitting wedge

alternative to sitting wedge chair posture stool kneeling angled seat

For those not able to use a sitting wedge, there are other options available. One to consider is a kneeling chair. This one has an angled seat, is height adjustable and has an Allen key adjustment depending on leg length/height. It is also available with and without a coccyx cut out. 

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