Kneeling chair FAQ's - What are the benefits & how do you use one?

Kneeling chair FAQ's - What are the benefits & how do you use one?

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Kneeling chairs are slowly becoming the go-to office accessory for people who care about maintaining good posture and want to feel a little better after sitting at a desk all day. Posture chairs are also an aesthetic alternative to traditional office chairs. 

What does a kneeling chair do?

A kneeling chair puts you in an active sitting posture that lightly engages your core and legs. 

There’s no backrest and the seat is tilted to move your hips forward and put you into a kneeling position. This sitting position is more upright and prevents your shoulders from rolling back and can relieve pressure on your lower back. 

What are the benefits of using a kneeling chair? 

Kneeling chairs also known as orthopaedic chairs can relieve back and hip pain by arching your back which encourages the natural S shape of the spine. This engages your back and core muscles which leads to postural improvement over time. This means you won’t be as stiff and sore after a long day of working at your desk.

Chair encourages "active sitting" which improves back muscles and improves posture.

What is a kneeling chair used for?

A kneeling stool is used to improve posture when sitting. When sat on; back muscles are in use as your hips are tilted and there is no back rest. This strengthens your back and encourages 'active sitting'.

Change distance between seating & kneeling pad depending on user height (allen key provided).

How do you use a kneeling chair?

An office kneeler chair can take some getting used to, but they’re pretty easy to use once you’ve gotten some practice. 

To use a kneeling chair, sit down on the seat and allow your shins to lightly rest on the padded support in front of you for balance.

Depending on the model of ergonomic stool you should be able to adjust the distance between the kneeling and seating pad depending on your leg length and also be able to adjust the seat height depending on the height of the table you are working at. 

Easily adjustable seat height setting depending on your desk height.

Can you use a kneeling chair all day? 

Yes, when sat on correctly a posture stool can be used all day. These are chairs for good posture. There is a common misconception that when you use a kneeling chair you place all your weight through your knees into the kneeling pad. This is incorrect. When using a kneeling chair sit on it placing your weight through the seating pad. Only have your knees placed lightly on the kneeling pad for stability. As with sitting on any chair it is advised to get up regularly to take a quick walk/tea break.

Anyone with a hip or knee injury should talk to a doctor before trying a kneeling chair for the first time.

Made by hand in the UK.  Solid FSC Beech frame.  Choice of colours.  One year guarantee.

Which kneeling chair is best?

Kneeling chairs come in various designs to appeal to a wide range of preferences and body types. 

When shopping for a kneeling chair, consider the angle of the seat and the distance between the seat and the shin supports.

The Putnams kneeling chair has a solid wood frame which is FSC sustainably sourced, comes with a 1 year guarantee, is made in the UK by hand, has a range of height and leg length adjustments and a range of cover colours.

Are kneeling chairs good for hip pain?

Yes, your hips are placed above your knees. Typically with hip problems medical professionals recommend seating wedges this is due to the angle. Seating wedges lift your hips above your knees. A keeling chairs does the same thing.

How to assemble a kneeling chair?

Our kneeling chair comes fully assembled, there are two adjustments that allow you to change;

  • The height of the seating pad, depending on the height of the desk you are sat at.
  • There is also another allen key adjustment that allows you to set the distance between the seating and kneeling pad, depending on how long your legs are (if you are shorter place them closer together, if they are longer, have them further apart.)

Optional coccyx cut out for those with pain at the base of spine.

Where to buy a kneeling chair UK?

You can purchase kneeling chairs in specialist stores or online. Make sure your chair comes with a good guarantee.

Achieve all-day comfort with a Putnams kneeling chair

The Putnams team in Devon makes each Putnams Kneeling Chair by hand so it comes to your home assembled and ready to use. The chair’s adjustable design allows you to find the most comfortable sitting position for your height to instantly promote better posture and a more engaged core.

We offer a choice of fabric colours or you can send us your own fabric to match your decor (additional charges apply).

We also offer our kneeling chair in memory foam or with an optional coccyx cut out for tailbone pain relief.

Each Putnams Kneeling Chair comes with a 1-year guarantee and four seat colours to choose from.

The Putnams family has been creating quality comfort products for 40 years and remains committed to offsetting its environmental impact by partnering with environmental groups and utilising local, environmentally friendly materials.

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