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Handmade in Devon - British Wool Duvet - 100% Cotton

Our thick British wool duvets are flying off the workbenches. Each duvet is handmade in Devon with 100% British wool (OEKO-TEX standard 100). Our duvets have extra loft and are made with 600gsm wool making them ideal for Autumn, Winter and Spring (8-14 tog equivalent).

handmade Devon duvets UK production Plympton

Materials are important to us with this in mind the outer-casing is made with 100% cotton. Both the British wool and cotton are biodegradable at end of life. We also guarantee this product for two years although they will far outlive this. 


Storage: Our wool duvets come with a zipped storage bag for those increasingly frequent heatwaves. Simply zip it up and pop it under the bed or in your wardrobe. They are also great at holding laundry and summer clothing when not in use.

zipped storage bag included with wool duvet purchase

Top tip: go a duvet size up from your bed (i.e if you have a double bed buy a king size duvet). This gives you more duvet to yourself or to share with your partner. It also makes the made up bed more cosy looking and inviting. Yes please!

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