Our Green New Years Resolution To You

Our Green New Years Resolution To You

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As we all get more conscious of our environmental impact, we, as a company, want to do our part in helping to reduce the plastic we use both within our factory and the packaging our products go out in.

We are actively looking to reduce and remove, where possible, the plastic we use. At the beginning of 2020 we are going to focus on our product packaging, particularly when it is sent out of our factory. 

We are transitioning over to sugarcane mailing bags which are sustainable, 100% recyclable and carbon neutral (the carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere in the growing process, offsets the carbon dioxide emitted through production and transport).

We are also looking into biodegradable mailing bags however finding and sourcing these at the sizes we want is proving tricky at this time (tweet/email us if you know anyone that can help us!).

We are not perfect and have therefore started a trial for our customers so that you can help us start to reduce plastic (See image below).

  1. Once you have added your order to your cart on our website please click the cart button in the right top hand corner.
  2. Review your order as normal.
  3. Under the products you should be able to see the question "Would you like us to reduce plastic packaging in your order where possible? This is in trail mode so please bear with us".
  4. If you want to reduce the plastic where possible in your order please select "Yes".

putnams plastic reduce how to

Please note that selecting this will not always remove all of the plastic from your order. As mentioned above, plastic reduction is something we are working on.

In most cases selecting "yes" will remove some plastic from your order including the plastic purple piping bags our products come in (some people that buy our products do re-use these to store clothes, hobbies etc in). We are currently looking for non-plastic packaging solutions for our larger products.  

If you have any questions about this step or about the direction we are headed in please do get in contact on Facebook or Twitter.

- The Putnams Team


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