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Pillow Height & Comfort

The problem

According to the National Institute of Health we spend just under 7 hours asleep every night. That’s 2,555 hours every year in the same bed using the same set of pillows. Have you ever woken up with back, neck, shoulder and/ or hip pains and blamed it on the mattress? Well it might in fact be the pillows fault, the support of a resting head is a very important factor in our health as it has a big effect on our spinal position.

The human neck curves slightly forward (to sustain the weight of the head when upright), and it’s important to maintain this curve when in a resting position.


best pillows for body positioning during sleep


How does it happen?

The two top diagrams showing red (painful) areas are of a person sleeping on a normal feather pillow. Feather pillows have loose fillings which can move around causing your head to sink too far in or to rise too high up. This leads to pain building in the spine as it’s not in the horizontal position that it should be in.

Contour Pillow

contour pillow airways open back and side sleeping stops snoring

A foam contour pillow seen in the below diagram keeps the head at the optimum height allowing for a straight spine with various sleeping positions. A foam pillow might sound hard and non-comfy but here at Putnams we use memory foam which lets your head sink slowly into the soft Visco memory foam.

Putnam Pillow

Putnam pillow

Our Putnam Pillow is ergonomically designed to correct the spinal position just like our contour pillow. The Putnam pillows have a few extra features that make it stand out from any other pillow on the market. The structure has an Ear recess for reduced pressure, channels for air flow, a curved front reducing stress on the neck and can come in our soft foam or memory foam.

Front Sleeper Pillow

front sleeper pillow

If you’re the type who loves to sleep on their front then we have a pillow especially designed for you. Our face pillow is made from very soft foam with groves cut into it allowing for easy breathing even when you’re asleep on your front.

Our pillows can even stop snoring

Both our Contour Pillow and Putnam Pillow have been designed to keep your airways open by tilting the head backwards and supporting the neck. This Position opens your airways and can therefore stop your other half from snoring. So you can finally have that quiet and comfortable night’s sleep.

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