Sofa, Settee & Armchair Furniture Cushion Refilling UK

Sofa, Settee & Armchair Furniture Cushion Refilling UK

Reviving soft furnishings is not only cheaper but also better for the planet. Soft furnishings such as sofas, settees, armchairs and footstools often get thrown straight into landfill when the original cushions go saggy and lifeless.

Sofa, Settee & Armchair Furniture Cushion Refilling

We can replace your old cushion infills with brand new, comfortable foam. We also offer a door to door service if required. 

  1. We collect your empty cushion covers from your door on a day that suits you (£10 fee).
  2. We refill them and send them back to you perfectly plump with your chosen foam firmness.


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Why get my sofa cushions refilled?

Environment: Getting your sofa cushions refilled is better for the environment as it extends the life of your sofa.

Cheaper: It is cheaper to get your sofa cushions refilled than purchasing a whole new suite or sofa.

Faster: Our sofa cushion refilling service takes only 1 -  2 weeks (from the date we receive your covers)  far quicker than the lead time for a new sofa from the big brands.

Back pain: Do you find your old cushions are not supporting you anymore? Flat sofa cushions can cause bad posture and back pain as well as also make standing up more difficult.

Choose your firmness: When you get your sofa cushions refilled you can pick how firm you would like them. It is kind of like making your perfect sofa. We offer a range of foam densities to suit everyone. Some couples even have one cushion firm and one cushion soft.

all our sofa cushions are hand fitted by our team of skilled crafts people in our devon factory.

Price of sofa cushion refilling?

Sofa cushion refilling can vary we always quote upfront. We just need your cushion sizes (maximum: width, length, thickness). As a ballpark figure cost per cushion can vary from £50-£130 it all depends on how big they are. 

We only use CertiPUR (non toxic), British made foam and all our sofa cushions are made by hand in our factory.

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We get many wonderful customer testimonials of our sofa cushion refilling service. We are family-run and have been in operation since 1979. That is over 40 years of foam and comfort expertise.

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