What is Latex Foam V's Graphite Latex?

What is Latex Foam V's Graphite Latex?

What is a natural foam alternative?

Latex foam is made by using the product of trees (Hevea Brasiliensis). The liquid rubber is extracted without harming the trees. In fact the trees are "tapped" and continue to grow for many many years capturing carbon during their lifetime. Graphite Latex is also seen as superior to standard latex foam (see below).

latex natural foam harvested tapped drips out rubber tree graphite uk

What is Latex foam?

To manufacture latex foam; liquid rubber is harvested from the rubber tree. It then undergo's one of two processes (Tatalay or Dunlop) to be processed into the finished product.

latex standard vs graphite latex foam toxin fire retardant chemical

What is Graphite Latex?

Whilst having all the usual benefits of Latex foam, graphite Latex foam has so much more!

Infusing the natural mineral (graphite) into the Latex foam during production makes for a naturally flame retardant foam, ending the need for chemical additives. A product not only good for you but also the environment. The graphite flakes expand at combustion temperature and cut off the supply of oxygen.

The graphite flakes change the colour of the Latex foam from cream to grey.

The graphite properties make the foam more breathable and durable and naturally anti-allergenic and dust-mite resistant (making it ideal for allergy sufferers). It absorbs heat to aid a cooler and more restful sleep; in fact it’s 7 times cooler than synthetic memory foam.  The aerated holes in this type of foam make it particularly good for pressure-point pain relief such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Does Latex foam keep you cool?

Upon touching Latex foam you can instantly feel a cooling to your fingertips. As well as being cool to touch, latex is also incredibly breathable. It has built in air channels throughout its core- increasing airflow and removing moisture.

Latex bed wedge graphite UK Europe

What products can you buy with graphite Latex?

We make an adjustable pillow from graphite latex. This pillow comes with 4 graphite latex inserts meaning that the height of the pillow can be anywhere from 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm or 10cm thick. It is very springy but supportive, cradling your head at whatever thickness works best for you and your sleep position.

Latex pillow graphite chemical free UK madeheight adjustable graphite latex pillow UK

We now offer our extensive acid reflux bed wedge range in a Latex option (see below image). The top 1" of high density foam is removed and replaced with 1" of premium graphite Latex. Meaning the bed wedge has a cooler, chemical free surface. All made by hand from our Devon factory in the South-West of the UK.

graphite Latex bed wedge chemical free uk next day acid reflux

We also make graphite Latex mattress toppers in a 2" thickness (see below).

Graphite Latex 2" topper UK zipped chemical free cover

We can also sell graphite latex at 1" and 2" thicknesses.

Is graphite Latex better for the environment?

As Latex is plant based, the trees continuously produce liquid rubber. The Latex produced is also carbon-capturing over their lifetime, and bio-degradable. So, at the end of it's life it will naturally breakdown into organic waste.

How much more expensive is graphite Latex?

As Latex is harvested from a tree the raw-materials cost is higher. Hence, the cost of purchasing graphite latex is also higher. However, graphite latex is regarded as a premium product regardless due to its properties of: additional support, toxin free, cooling, anti-microbial and anti-dust mite.  

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