custom mattress for camper Putnams

Custom Cut Mattress Plymouth


We are able to cut foam mattresses to any shape or size. If you need a boat or campervan mattress then we have multiple different grades to choose from. We typically cut them at 10cm/4” but we can cut at any thickness you require.

We have a number of 10cm mattresses for you to try in our showroom in different grades so you can choose the perfect firmness. You can then either provide us with:

  • A drawing with dimensions
  • Bring in the old mattress to replicate
  • Provide a template.

Custom mattress for camper

We will then give you a quote to make sure you are happy with the price before cutting the foam. Prices start from £50 but it depends on how thick you want the mattress. The grade of the foam will also change the price ie memory foam will be more expensive. Our normal lead time is 2 – 5 working days but sometimes we are able to cut small simple shapes while you wait.

If you are living on your boat or do not have access to a vehicle large enough then you can also get a quote from a Plymouth removals company. This is particularly useful for boat cushions that may have a chamfer to match the hull shape of the boat where doing a template/drawing can be difficult.

Don’t forget we can also offer the same service for sofa cushions and have a sofa with different cushions ready for you to try in our showroom.

Please note we are currently not allowing customers into our showroom due to COVID-19 but we do offer a drop off and collection service (21/05/2020). We will give you a price and take payment before we cut the new foam.  We hope to return to normal showroom service as the situation improves.


  • Belinda Edgecombe

    Hi there I just wanted to ask, I have just bought a motorhome and need the mattress changed. Is the showroom open now for me to look and see what I would like. Can I bring the old mattress in to you to replicate for me.
    Many thanks Belinda.

  • Justin

    Looking for 2 foam mattress at 4 inch width 800 mm by 1.994 .what’s your price I can pick up many thanks Justin

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