Health, Sleep & Wellness Affiliates

Health, Sleep & Wellness Affiliates

health and wellness sleep comfort affiliates

We are looking for affiliates to promote our range of UK made comfort products. Are you someone who already has one of our pillows and loves it? Are you looking to test a health, sleep or wellness product to then promote on your socials, website or blog? We would love to work with you.

Our product range includes a large range of sleep, comfort, health and wellness products. Some key problems our products focus on are insomnia, acid reflux, back pain, sports recovery, natural sleep products and more.

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We offer affiliate links with cookies valid for 30 days. Meaning that if someone clicks through from your specialist link and places an order on our site within 30 days you will get 10% commission on the product sale price.

Joining up is easy, simply click here to register.

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Payments are made via PayPal 30 days after purchase. If the sale is returned commission will not be paid.

To see our full range of products browse our site or contact our team on 01752 34567 or via for further advice.

Sign up instantly to get an affiliate account here.

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