Sofa Cushion Refilling Service

What is sofa cushion refilling?

What is sofa cushion refilling?

Sofa and couch cushion-filling services replace old, saggy looking sofa cushions infills with new feather, fibre or foam inserts.

For the best fit, it is recommended that you send your covers off to a specialist firm to refill them to your exact cover size. They will then return the refilled cushions back to you.
Most people replace their infills as it is cheaper than buying a new sofa, and reduces waste (as a whole sofa(s) going to landfill) and so it also better for the environment.

So, if your sofa filling has sagged and become squashed or unsupportive, this service is a popular choice; especially for those still fond of the colour and finish of their current sofa material.

British-made foam is high-quality and long-lasting, ideal for the sofa cushion refill technique; it springs back and does not need constant plumping or rearranging.

What brand of sofa can you get cushion refills for?

fabric sofa cushion refilling leather foam sponge

You can get cushion foam refills for all brands of sofa including; DFS, Sofology, Parker Knoll, Tetrad, Collin & Hayes, Laura Ashley, Steeds, Loaf, Gascoigne Designs, Next, Greensmiths, Argos, Natuzzi, Made, Snug, furniture village, Cintique, John Sankey, Swyft, SCS, John Lewis, M&S, Parker Knoll, David Gundry, Oak furniture land, Long Eaton Sofas, La-Z-Boy, IKEA etc. As long as the cushion covers are removable and zipped, you can get them refilled.

Can I get my leather sofa cushions refilled?

leather sofa cushion refilling UK can they be refilled gone flat saggy plump again Putnams

We offer leather sofa cushion re stuffing. You can get many types of sofa cushions refilled, including: leather, canvas, fabric, and any other type of upholstery fabric. The covers must be zipped and removable to be refilled, as previously mentioned. 

We refill leather sofa cushions at Putnams. Please either call us on 01752 345678 for an instant quote or email (with your sofa cushion cover sizes).

How do I get my sofa cushions refilled?

sofa cushion refilling leather fibre stockinette how to do it yourself saggy plump fill them out

You can contact a specialist firm for a quote. It is always advised to roughly measure your sofa cushions and get a quote over the phone before going ahead.
To measure your cushions, you will need to measure the maximum width, length and thickness of each cushion.

Putnams are experts at sofa cushion refilling and cover the whole of the UK. We can provide a quote to you over the phone Mon-Fri 08:45-16:45 on 01752 345678 or email us at (with your sofa cushion sizes).

What is fibre and stockinette on a sofa cushion?

what is fibre and stockinette sofa cushions

Fibre (other names: wadding & dacron) is a poly fibre wrapping that is laminated to foam, it is used to add padding to a foam insert so that covers do not sag. It should be used sparingly as it is a lot cheaper than foam and overtime will compress. It is recommended to use one layer of fibre on all sides of a sofa cushion.

Stockinette is a thin netting that is covered over the foam and fibre parcel to hold it all together. It is sometimes tied on (poor craftsmanship) but should be overlocked (sewing type) onto each cushion.

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How much does sofa cushion refilling cost?

It depends on the size and thickness of the cushion, usually prices start from approx £50 and can go up to around £120 per cushion.

Call us for an instant quote now - 01752 345678 or email

When obtaining quotes please consider that sofa cushion refilling services vary considerably.

 For instance, some firms;

  • Do not add fibre and stockinette (see above) to sofa cushions.
  • Will cut a rectangle of foam without shaping it and place it into a cover and pad it out with multiple layers of fibre which compress very quickly over time leaving a saggy looking cushion within a few weeks.
  • Will glue off-cuts of foam together to make a larger piece which over time will break down leaving a cushion with sinking parts and structural weaknesses that cause discomfort and leaning to one side causing back issues.

Make sure the foam that is used in your new cushions is British made (superior quality and will last a lot longer) & meets British fire standard BS5852. This will not only protect your home insurance should there be a fire, but it could also be the difference between keeping your family safe in the event of a fire in the home.  Putnams only use British made foam.
CertiPur foam is also preferable if possible as it has been tested for toxins and is better for you and your family’s health.

All our sofa cushion refills:

  • Come with a thin layer of fibre wrapped over every side of a cushion.
  • Come with an overlocked stockinette cover for easy removal and reinsertion when you need to wash or clean covers.
  • Do not sag over time.
  • Are made from British made foam that meets British fire standard BS5852.
  • All our foam is CertiPur.
  • Are expertly hand crafted by trained professionals in our Devon based factory.

How long does sofa cushion refilling take?

This can vary, some companies can take a few days (3-5) some can take a few weeks (2-3). It is always advised that you check this with a company before ordering. It can also vary depending on the quality of the finish. As mentioned above some companies can do an inferior job that leaves covers saggy, while others over-stuff with fibre which very quickly will compress and leave covers saggy a few months down the line.

At Putnams our turnaround time on refilling cushion covers does vary depending on how busy we are. Our average wait is 5 working days.  Please do call us on 01752 345678 if you would like to check.

Tetrad sofa cushion refilling service fabric leather repair how to replace filling

How to find sofa cushion refilling near me?

Putnams are a specialist firm and refill multiple sofa cushion cover sets every day. All of our sofa cushion refills can be done at our Devon based factory. As we are specialists (see reviews below) we regularly receive covers from all over the UK. To obtain an instant quote from us now over the phone call us on 01752 345678 or email

If you are happy to go ahead:

  1. Send us your covers on a tracked service (include name and phone number).
  2. Once we receive the covers we will remeasure and confirm the price (if you are not happy at this point, which is very rare if you have measured the cushions accurately) we will send you the covers back on a tracked service free of charge.
  3. We will take payment and delivery details over the phone.
  4. We will refill your cushion covers and send them back to you on a tracked service with a reputable courier.

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Reviews of sofa cushion refilling company?

See below just some of our many 5 star google reviews for our sofa cushion replacement service (all available to see on our google business page).

couch cushion refill review

sofa cushion refilling review

sofa cushion refilling review

settee pillow foam refilling

sofa cushion infills review

sofa cushion pillow refilling review

Sofa cushion review refilling service

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  • You must be able to remove your cushions from your sofa or armchair for us to be able to refill them with foam. The cushion covers need to have zipped, removable cushion covers.

    Putnams on
  • hi can you refill cushions that are non removable?

    margaret on
  • Quote for replacement filling for sofa cushions please.
    widest width 30" depth 30" height 5.5"

    Susan HUMPHRIES on
  • Putnams have recently placed new cushions in my DFS sofa seat covers, they have done an amazing job, the cushions are so comfortable, the sofa looks smart again, they even came back earlier than predicted. It’s an absolute treat not to have to continually try to plump the cushions up!! Thank you very much Putnams, I will definitely use you again, and would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

    Janette Grant on

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