Travel Mattress Topper - Your Questions Answered

Travel Mattress Topper - Your Questions Answered

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Travel mattress topper your questions answered vw

What is a travel topper?

A travel topper is a portable soft foam topper that can be placed onto of an existing sleep surface to improve its comfort. Typically they are used on-top of an existing mattress or seat pad. They come with a travel bag so that they can be rolled up and put away for easy stowing or transportation. 


What are travel toppers used for?

Travel mattress toppers are used to make a sleep surface more comfortable. They are also used to reduce lumps and bumps such as when camper van seats are laid down and have gaps, seat belts and ridges. A travel mattress topper is placed on top of all of these to create a move even and comfortable sleep surface.

 vw mattress topper travel bag

Where are travel toppers used?

Travel toppers can be used in a variety of settings including when you are staying away from home and want additional comfort and pressure relief. They can also be used by those who are worried about germs in beds different to their own (including hotel beds) as they place an additional layer between the user(s) and a mattress. The most popular use for our travel toppers are in motor homes, caravans, travel trailers, camping, guest bedrooms, camper vans (especially VW’s) & staying in hotels.


What comes with the Putnam memory foam travel mattress topper?

Our travel mattress topper is made up of three parts.

  1. The internal memory foam pad. This pad is made from UK made high density memory foam, it is 2.5cm thick.
  2. A white poly-cotton cover that is zipped down two sides for easy removal.
  3. A black draw-string stretch jersey bag.

So the foam goes inside the white poly-cotton cover and can be rolled up into the black travel bag.

 travel mattress topper size

How can you clean a travel mattress topper?

Both the external travel bag and the internal poly-cotton cover can be removed and washed. We recommend this is done after every use to keep the product fresh and ready to use for your next adventure.The foam insert cannot be cleaned you can however air it out in the sun to keep it fresh.


What size does a travel mattress topper come in?

We manufacture our travel toppers in our Devon factory in the South of England. Our travel mattress toppers are made to a standard UK single and a standard UK double size. We can also cut either the single or double size smaller (foam only) for a bespoke size finish. This is particularly useful if you are using the travel topper in a non-standard bed size which is common in caravans, camper vans, motor homes and bespoke van conversions.

Standard UK single -190cm x 91cm x 2.5cm (75'' x 36'' x 1'')

Standard UK double - 190cm x 137cm x 2.5cm (75'' x 54'' x 1'')


How small does a travel mattress topper go?

Our travel mattress toppers roll up into a draw-string travel bag (included with the item) that makes them easy to stow and transport.

Single: Rolled up: 34cm x 48cm Weight: 2.4kg

Double: Rolled up: 36cm x 68cm Weight: 3.6kg


How much does a travel mattress topper cost?

Our travel mattress toppers are a-lot cheaper than the rest on the market. The foam & fabric is cut and sewn in our Devon based factory in the South West of England to the highest standard. We are the manufacturer and so buying directly from us cut’s out a lot of cost.

See current pricing here.



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    can I bring the small 58 cm topper in the bag onto the plane?

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